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Poster: eh_ver Date: Mar 24, 2012 7:39pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: looking for something new

I'm a relative newcomer to OTR (about 2 years since I first started listening to the Shadow). I've been a fan of long-running classics like Boston Blackie and Let George Do It, really fell in love with near-forgottens like Ghost Corps and Moon Over Africa and have really enjoyed I Love a Mystery/Adventure but my absolute favorites have been Box 13, Rocky Fortune and Damon Runyon Theatre. I was hoping for some suggestions for a new show I can really sink my teeth into. I recently re-listened to Damon Runyon and I'm just about done with my second pass through Box 13. I was considering hitting Rocky Fortune again, but would really like to take the time to try something new I can invest in. I often listen to shows when I'm driving for work and when I go to sleep at night. I've considered Harry Lime or Bold Venture, but, while I enjoyed the first couple episodes of both, I didn't FALL IN LOVE with them right away like I did those other three. Should I try to keep going with either of those? I'm VERY open to suggestions of any kind, as obviously (for example) Moon Over Africa, Damon Runyon Theatre and Box 13 are very different from one another, yet I really liked them all. I'll take suggestions for Soap Operas or Variety Shows ONLY if you really really REALLY vouch for them. I see the value in both formats well enough, but I'm not TOO interested in them. I am at the mercy of your expertise!